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The city of Gwangju welcomes the opportunity to host the 35th Congress of the International Society of Limnology from August 23rd to 28th, 2020, devoted to the theme of "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions: Healthy Rivers, Lakes, and Humans". The congress will take place at the KimDaeJung Convention Center in Gwangju, and the Korean Society of Limnology is very proud that Korea has been chosen as the organizer of the conference.

One of the purposes of the SIL Congress is to promote open discussions on new scholarly findings and pioneer research in the field of limnology to foster knowledge transfer to scientists and researchers worldwide. It is important for SIL to host its Congress in East Asia to highlight and reflect on the scientific challenges for limnologists in the region. Accordingly, SIL facilitates developing a stronger regional scientific network to encourage innovative scientific discussions on regional issues. SIL's 2020 Congress is the perfect opportunity for delegates to be a part of SILs new mission that is concentrated on promoting excellence in limnology and solving global issues through the transfer of knowledge and the fostering of a strong international community.

We are challenging ourselves to organize an scientifically outstanding and innovative SIL congress with excellent SIL congress tradition. The Local organizers will provide a comfortable forum for academic exchange and enhance networking among the SIL members, especially for students and early career limnologists to broaden their academic perspectives and experience state-of-the-art developments in limnological knowledge.

In addition, SIL and the Local organizing Committee (LOC) are dedicated to having a program that will include speakers from various geographical backgrounds as well as a balanced gender representation. Finally, we are devoted to address international sustainability concerns, evidently in the content of the program, but additionally in the organization of the event with sustainable practices.

We hope to see you in Gwangju!

    LEE Hakyoung
    Co-chair of Organizing Committee of SIL2020
    JOO Gea-Jae
    Co-chair of Organizing Committee of SIL2020
    D-61 22 AUGUST, 2021

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