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Scientific Sessions

Here are topics of regular session and special session for SIL2020

Regular Session

SIL2020 (Gwangju, Republic of Korea, Total 15)
01. Physical Limnology
02. Biogeochemistry in Aquatic Ecosystems
03. Role of Hydrology in Inland Waters
04. Plankton Ecology
05. Food Webs in Aquatic Ecosystems
06. Extreme Climate Events and Inland Waters
07. Resilience and Regime Shifts in Inland Waters
08. Ecosystem Functions and Services Relationships in Inland Waters
09. Paleolimnology
10. Biodiversity and Inland Waters
11. Ecotoxicology and Inland Waters
12. Spatial Ecology- Metacommunity
13. Remote Sensing and Inland Waters
14. Modeling in Inland Waters
15. Limnology in Tropical and Subtropical Regions of the World
    D-449 22 AUGUST, 2021