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Title ECO Friendly SIL Congress
Writer SIL2020 Date 2019-10-01 Hit 1701
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    1. Bring your own tumbler!
    The Local organizer of the congress and the SIL executive committee would like to make the congress as eco-friendly as possible. In order to do so, we are going to provide you with a tumbler with the SIL logo at the registration desk to minimize our plastic use and unnecessary production of containers.

    However, SIL is trying to do more to reduce the negative ecological impact of its congresses. Considering that, if you bring your own tumbler to the conference, SIL will donate the saved money to environmental local NGOs. You can tell us if you plan on bringing your own in the registration form.

2. Bring your own congress bag!
Just like your tumbler, you can bring your own eco bag and tell us about it in the registration form. SIL will donate the saved money to environmental local NGOs.

3. Less is more!
Let's create a congress using less paper and less plastic! The Local organizing committee and SIL are going to work hard to minimize the use of plastic and paper during the congress. It will be announced later which part of the congress material will be given as PDF and hard-copy.

Your cooperation will make our planet healthier!
Thank you so much for your support to SIL's sustainable actions!

Local Organizing Committee of the 35th SIL Congress
    D-305 22 AUGUST, 2021